TRAPPS™ - Product background

TRAPPS™ is an innovative, proprietary stabilisation product developed by Slater (UK) Limited. It is an apatite based material that is tailored in its exact composition to best suit each individual contaminated soil or hazardous waste. TRAPPS™ is a dry, granular product, which is suitable either for in-situ (via rotavation or tilling directly into the contaminated material) or ex-situ (using conventional plant such as pug-mill mixers or Allu buckets) mixing.

TRAPPS™ contains reactive apatite minerals as a source of phosphate. Phosphate stabilisation of lead contaminated soil and waste is very effective and has been well demonstrated. Effective, long term stabilisation is achieved by the formation of lead apatite or pyromorphite following TRAPPS™ treatment. The mechanism for TRAPPS™ stabilisation is illustrated below.

TRAPPS™ offers the following key advantages for stabilisation;

TRAPPS™ is very effective at stabilising lead contaminated materials such as soils, sludges, sediments and wastes. Examples are contaminated soils at brownfield sites, lead contaminated soil at firing ranges and hazardous waste requiring pre-treatment prior to landfill. In general it can be used to stabilise most materials which are amenable to a thorough, homogeneous mixing operation. TRAPPS™ can also be used for the stabilisation of various other heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, copper and zinc. It can also be used to stabilise uranium contaminated material.