TRAPPS™ for Brownfield Remediation

Heavy metal contamination is commonly encountered on brownfield sites. Lead is ubiquitous at such sites, and is typically the primary metal contaminant of concern.

TRAPPS™ treatment of Pb contaminated soil or made ground at brownfield sites is a very effective remedial option. Treatment can be carried out either in-situ or ex-situ utilising standard, readily available mixing equipment. TRAPPS™ is easy to apply, requiring only a thorough, homogenous mixing of the soil and TRAPPS™ additive.

A key difference between TRAPPS™ and cement stabilisation is that soil is physically unaltered after TRAPPS™ treatment. This allows for TRAPPS™ treated material to be reused on-site in landscaping applications.

Case Data

An urban site in the UK was contaminated with a range of heavy metals including lead. Total metal concentrations were Pb, Cd and Cr. The preferred remedial option was to treat the contaminated soil in-situ and retain the stabilised material on site for reuse.

TRAPPS™ demonstrated that this was possible. After TRAPPS™ treatment the levels of leachable metal in soil porewater were significantly reduced (to below drinking water standards).

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