Slater (UK) Limited are the manufacturer and supplier of TRAPPS™ reactive media for the stabilization of lead contaminated soils and hazardous wastes. TRAPPS™ is an apatite based material which converts soluble lead in contaminated soils and wastes into a stable, insoluble lead apatite mineral. TRAPPS™ is also effective at stabilizing other heavy metals.

Slater (UK) Limited provide technical assistance with TRAPPS™ from the performance of initial bench-scale feasibility testing through to assisting with commercial scale design and implementation. Working closely with a number of remediation service providers within the UK, Europe, and the USA we deliver a bespoke, turnkey soil stabilization service.

Slater (UK) Limited personnel are expert in the fields of heavy metal chemistry and soil stabilization. We pride ourselves on providing a responsive, professional and highly skilled service. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.